Train tickets to/from Braille Satellite festival will cost 30% less

As festival dates are getting closer it’s time to think how are you going to reach it. All the information needed including train schedules can be found at the website:
For those who will travel by train Lithuanian Railways company offers 30% discount on tickets. To be able to apply the discount you will only need to present festival ticket or the control wristlet (when going back) at the moment you’ll buy train tickets. Discounted train tickets can be as well ordered online using this code: BRAILLESATELLITE19

Discount applies for Vilnius-Žeimena and Žeimena-Vilnius route, travelling from 19th to 22nd of July. You can present your festival ticket in the phone or on the paper.

Here is a video instruction that might be useful to watch before getting on the train:

See you soon,