Naujas Gonsofus kūrinys “Doorways”

Do we move with the time or does the time move us? 

Gonsofus are back with a brand new music video for their song “Doorways” – a complex collaborative project for which the band teamed up with the Slovak theatre and film scene.

“Doorways”, the second single from Gonsofus’ EP Distant Shores, is a continued exploration into the nature of time and it’s role in our lives, whilst also reflecting the band’s wanderlust and travelling spirit (“Always, in and out of doorways”). Whether it’s us or the time that’s coming and going, though, is up to the listener to decide.

For the colorful and thought-provoking music video the band teamed up with director Jana Smokonova and cinematographer Lukas Teren ASK. “In the video, I tried to preserve the feeling and atmosphere that I felt the first time I heard “Doorways”. We wanted to bring the introspective playfulness of the lyrics and tones of the song closer to the viewer through the story of friends who live in a world with its own rules. It’s a metaphor for friendship – everyone is tied / connected by hand-watches because they want to spend all their time together. But what happens if they find out that there is a vacancy in their group? ” explains director Jana Smokonova.

Together with Lukas Teren and Alexander (Sasha) Mamaev, founder and one half of the band, they started solidifying the concept for the video and began enlisting friends and colleagues to join the project. What grew out of this is an “all-star” cast & crew of well-known Slovak actors, choreographers, wardrobe designers, and videographers.

“It was inspiring to see the whole organism come together and start evolving within the universe of the concept that we had created. Literally and metaphorically. You’ll see what we mean by that.. We couldn’t be happier with the outcome! Love, respect, and gratitude to everyone for their dedication and for believing in the idea!”, adds Mamaev.

Featuring a bouncy 7/4 rhythm and a blasting trumpet melody in the chorus, “Doorways” is a further exploration into more complex song structuring that’s been characteristically of the band’s work in the recent years. “Luckily, we can still pull it off live with our two person live-looping set-up!”, laughs Mamaev.

The song is also notable for featuring Fred “Rocksteady Freddie” Reiter, founder and leader of the legendary New York Ska Jazz Ensemble, on the tenor saxophone. “I grew up listening to NYSJE, and was always fascinated with their music and Freddie’s playing. Life works in beautiful and mysterious ways – Freddie and I met in 2015 when we (Gonsofus) were on tour in New York City; later I helped organize several NYSJE concerts in Bratislava and eventually we became friends. NYSJE was on tour in Prague while we were there recording “Distant Shores” (the band’s latest EP), and Freddie was kind enough to come down to the studio the morning after their show and bless the track with his saxophone ” explains Sasha.

With this new project, Gonsofus continues firmly in their mission of creating transcontinental, borderless music and art, unifying people and creative sectors.