SIKSA’s new book “…and the She-Devil bangs with a bass”

New SIKSA book has landed! Released by Warsaw-based feminist-queer initiative Girls and Queers to the Front “…and the She-Devil bangs with a bass” by SIKSA (illustrated by Łukasz Przytarski) is a punk libretto and a queered legend told in numerous voices. It’s is a subversive story about taking over narratives and creating one’s own language that escapes the rules and introduces invigorating chaos. Since the beginning of 2023, the text has been performed by SIKSA at numerous gigs and will be performed at upcoming live shows in nearest future. Get your copy of this bilingual publication at Girls and Queers to the Front page or directly from the SIKSA.

SIKSA (Yiddish: עסקיש , romanized: shikse, disparaging word for a young woman perceived as vulgar, inexperienced and immature) is a feminist duo arranged for voice, bass, lyrics and bodies. SIKSA’s concerts combine the energy of a punk concert, performative poetry or contemporary dance. Thanks to the interaction with the audience, every show acquires unique dramatic qualities. In the limitations of the instruments and stage presence, the duo finds the strength to carve their own path. Sometimes it’s based on childhood memories, other times on fairy tales and legends, or reality transformed by the uninhibited and unrestrained vision of SIKSA. In her work, the personal meets the political, and the unspoken meets the deafening. SIKSA played over 300 concerts all over Europe, from small clubs and squats, through contemporary art galleries to the largest European festivals.

Since the beginning of 2023, SIKSA has been touring with the latest concert season

…and the She-devil bangs with a bass.

ŁUKASZ PRZYTARSKI (Luki) Dancer, performer, illustrator, and an independent artist. A graduate of London’s Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance, Luki performed in numerous places, including the US, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Singapore, and in European theatres such as Sadler’s Wells in London, Théâtre du Châtelet in Paris, Teatro Argentina in Rome, Onassis Stegi in Athens, Opéra de Monte-Carlo in Monaco, and the Royal Opera House in Stockholm.

He has collaborated with artists working in theatre, film, and other arts, including Dimitris Papaioannou, Krzysztof Warlikowski, Claude Bardouil, Mariusz Treliński, Agnieszka Holland, Jacek Poniedziałek, Krzysztof Garbaczewski, Krzysztof Grajper, Vivien Wood, Fotis Nikolaou, Daniel Ramos Obregón. His work combines movement with drawing and photography.

…and the She-Devil Bangs bangs with a bass is Luki’s second collaboration with SIKSA, following the release of Cudowne i Pożyteczne in 2021.

GIRLS AND QUEERS TO THE FRONT is a feminist-queer initiative based in Warsaw, Poland, founded by Agata Barbara Wnuk and Aleksandra Kamińska. Since 2015, Girls and Queers to the Front has been creating space for women and queer artists, writers, and musicians, by conducting workshops, organizing concerts, and – together with Magdalena Rzepecka – publishing zines. In 2021, Girls and Queers to the Front grew into an independent queer small press, with Maria Halber as an editor. Our main goal is to build a queer-feminist community in which girls, women, and trans people can feel

supported and inspired. | @girlstothefront_